I can’t believe it – my last post on this blog was in 2014! So much has changed since then, and I’ve really missed blogging about fashion and DIY projects. It feels like everything has just been such a whirlwind since we last left off, and so much has happened in my two last years at Berkeley and my first half year as an adult out in the “real world”.

I’ll admit it. I’ve been thinking about restarting my fashion/DIY hobby on and off these past few years but never really felt like I had the time or energy to dedicate to it. It may not look time consuming, but planning posts, taking pictures of outfits, putting together outfits, building projects…well, all of that actually takes quite a bit of time and effort. But hey, new year new me, right? It’s 2017 and I want to start this again. I’ve realized it’s so important to have something productive to do outside of work, something to get my mind off of the constant pings, emails, meetings, and slide decks.

I’m starting off slow-I really want to take this at a better pace this time. When I first started my instagram and blog, I was posting every day and was constantly on Instagram reacting to other people’s feeds to drive traffic towards my own. I wanted to have thousands of followers, I wanted to feel like my instagram efforts were “worth it”. But this time it’s different. I still want to create interesting content for my readers, but I also want to challenge myself to be creative and just have fun with it.

So this is it. Looking forward to a fulfilling 2017.