I have no nose bridge.

Well, I’m not quite at Voldemort’s level, but you get my point.

I, and many other of my asian brothers and sisters have been blessed with fabulously low nose bridges, which usually don’t present much of a problem…except when it comes to eyewear.

I can’t, for the life of me, wear glasses without nose pads that leave atrocious indents on the sides of my nose due to the weight of my lenses (thanks crappy eyesight!). My main gripe with my current glasses is that because of the nose pads, the pressure is focused in one area and after wearing them for long periods of time, the sides of my nose actually hurt. And thus began my search for non nose-pad, lightweight glasses.

Last week I decided to venture outside of my eye insurance network (bye Lenscrafters!) and check out a glasses store close to my apartment in downtown San Francisco: JINS eyewear. JINS boasts “eyewear for everyone” and what drew me in was their “alternate” fit glasses that are actually made to accommodate low nose bridges. WHAT?? Amazing.

(Interior of Jins–very hipster, industrial + wood theme)

(Hip customers and cool decor. They also do eye exams in-house, full package!)

My initial reaction was pure amazement at the sheer number of frame options available. From the get-go I felt like I would definitely find the perfect frames here, even if it would take me a couple more hours than anticipated. The selection here is vast, from classic frames to futuristic goggle looking ones, they really had everything! Of course, what was most exciting for me was the alternate fit glasses which didn’t have the nose pads and actually sat pretty comfortably on my nose bridge. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any in the exact style that I wanted (half-rim) and I ended up passing on them, but it was really great to see that they offered these types of frames.


(Peek that narrow nose bridge fit, ooh lala)

After walking around and trying on different glasses, I finally settled on a couple of finalists:

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I ended up choosing a really lightweight half-rim frame…with nosepads. I know, I know, if I came here for the alternative fit frames, I should have gotten one of those, but alas, I liked the ones I chose more in terms of style. Even though the frames still have nosepads, I don’t think they’ll be as painful due to the frame’s lightweight nature.

After choosing my frame, I walked up to the register where a store associate helped me with my lenses. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the high index lenses in my exact prescription so my glasses will actually take 2 weeks to be finished, but I think most people are able to get their glasses completely made in less than 1.5 hours (they do everything in house). My total cost was $70 for the frames and $30 for the lenses. However, because my eye insurance has out of network benefits, everything was covered! πŸ™‚

All in all, I had a great experience at JINS. It was the first time purchasing glasses without my parents (yay adulthood) with my own insurance and the associates made the process extremely easy. Everyone at the store is super helpful and kind and I had a great time trying on all the different styles and just enjoying the overall atmosphere here.

If you’re ever in the market for stylish affordable glasses, I would definitely check out JINS!

(S/O to Eunice for accompanying me to JINS and taking my pictures hehe)