Review: Quip Electric Toothbrush


(Copper-metal quip)

Throughout the years, we’ve seen the designs of everyday items transform as the minimalist and sleek “look” has taken center stage. From the quintessential Apple products to newcomers like Harry’s razor—less is truly becoming more in product design.

With all the attention on Harry’s razors, Dollar Shave Club, Birchbox, and all those new and poppin’ beauty/personal hygiene delivery products, I suppose it was only a matter of time before the electric toothbrush industry was slated to be disrupted.

I’ve been a firm believer in electric toothbrushes since my brother got everyone in my family one back when I was in high school. Since then, I really haven’t looked back. Electric toothbrushes have made my teeth feel so clean and I haven’t had a cavity since I started using one. I’ve used two different models of Oral-B toothbrushes in the circular rotating variety and have thoroughly enjoyed both. The Quip toothbrush is actually my first vibrating electric toothbrush so it has been an interesting experience to try this type.

I’m not gonna sit around and lie and say that I did extensive toothbrush research…because I didn’t. An advertisement for Quip came up on my Facebook feed and I thought to myself “wow, I really need a new electric toothbrush for travel….so pretty!!!”

Yep, I fell for some Facebook marketing. And I’m a sucker for pretty products. 😦

About Quip

According to the website, Quip was designed to prove “that good design would have a bigger impact on oral health than quick fix gimmicks”. Quip, like many other of these deliver to your door services, makes your life hassle free by ensuring that you have all the right products all the time…without ever having to interact with a living, breathing person (yay hermit life!)

Ordering Process

The ordering process was quite simple and the website was easy to navigate.I was given a couple of options for purchasing different quip sets depending on what type of toothbrush I wanted (plastic vs. metal), what accessories I wanted to get (toothpaste, mount, extra heads), and how I wanted to pay (pre-pay or monthly). I opted for the $55 prepay to get one copper metal toothbrush and 3 monthly refills for a year (1 new toothbrush head would be sent to me every 4 months). Even though the pre-pay for the set I chose doesn’t provide any discount, I decided to pay for it all at once for peace of mind.

Shipping & Packaging

(Instructional card & booklet)

I ordered my quip on Jan. 23rd and received it Jan. 31st, not bad at all. It ain’t Amazon Prime but it’s still faster than a lot of other online retailers (cough Lulu’s). It arrived in my mailbox in a shiny silver ziploc type of bag which was cute but not impressive. Inside the bag was a card with instructions and a booklet explaining how to improve oral care! Nothing ground breaking in the booklet.


The toothbrush is very simple to use…it has one button. You turn it on like any other electric toothbrush and it does that 30 second interval buzzing thing that notifies you when to brush the next quadrant of your mouth. I thought it was interesting that it actually shuts off after 2 minutes unlike other toothbrushes that give you a long buzz but continue to run.

Pro: Feels just as clean as my normal electric toothbrush

Since I’m used to using the rotating toothbrush heads, it was an odd feeling to have the brush just vibrate instead. As I was using it, I actually felt like it wasn’t cleaning as well as my rotating one, but after examining post-brush, my teeth felt and looked just as clean as with my other brush.

Pro: Battery powered instead of plug-in

The quip is powered by a normal battery so it’s really nice for travelers who 1) forget to charge their toothbrush 2) don’t want to lug around a huge charging dock

Pro: Overall Design

One of the main selling points is the sleek design of course. It’s really lightweight without feeling cheap and comes in a super portable case. I really didn’t like the bulkyness of my other toothbrush and it was actually one of the main reasons why I didn’t bring it around. I would not hesitate to bring my quip when I travel.

Con: Placement of power button

I guess semi-related to design is that the power button is placed in the head part of the toothbrush and just feels really unnatural to press. I like that other toothbrushes put the button in the middle where it’s easy to just press with the thumb.

Con: Vibrating power

David owns the Sonicare brush that vibrates as well and comparing the two (just holding them in my hands), the quip definitely does not feel as strong. Not sure if this is necessarily a con since a lot of people have qualms about how electric toothbrushes are too harsh on teeth, so maybe this is a happy medium for those users.


Final Thoughts

The quip is a great electric toothbrush for frequent travelers and those who are new to the electric toothbrush world. It’s pretty cheap considering replacement heads are only $5 a piece and replacement heads for other big name brands can be$20+. It’s also a great way to show your friends how #aesthetic and #start-up and #minimalist and #hipster you are 😉




Review: JINS Eyewear

I have no nose bridge.

Well, I’m not quite at Voldemort’s level, but you get my point.

I, and many other of my asian brothers and sisters have been blessed with fabulously low nose bridges, which usually don’t present much of a problem…except when it comes to eyewear.

I can’t, for the life of me, wear glasses without nose pads that leave atrocious indents on the sides of my nose due to the weight of my lenses (thanks crappy eyesight!). My main gripe with my current glasses is that because of the nose pads, the pressure is focused in one area and after wearing them for long periods of time, the sides of my nose actually hurt. And thus began my search for non nose-pad, lightweight glasses.

Last week I decided to venture outside of my eye insurance network (bye Lenscrafters!) and check out a glasses store close to my apartment in downtown San Francisco: JINS eyewear. JINS boasts “eyewear for everyone” and what drew me in was their “alternate” fit glasses that are actually made to accommodate low nose bridges. WHAT?? Amazing.

(Interior of Jins–very hipster, industrial + wood theme)

(Hip customers and cool decor. They also do eye exams in-house, full package!)

My initial reaction was pure amazement at the sheer number of frame options available. From the get-go I felt like I would definitely find the perfect frames here, even if it would take me a couple more hours than anticipated. The selection here is vast, from classic frames to futuristic goggle looking ones, they really had everything! Of course, what was most exciting for me was the alternate fit glasses which didn’t have the nose pads and actually sat pretty comfortably on my nose bridge. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any in the exact style that I wanted (half-rim) and I ended up passing on them, but it was really great to see that they offered these types of frames.


(Peek that narrow nose bridge fit, ooh lala)

After walking around and trying on different glasses, I finally settled on a couple of finalists:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I ended up choosing a really lightweight half-rim frame…with nosepads. I know, I know, if I came here for the alternative fit frames, I should have gotten one of those, but alas, I liked the ones I chose more in terms of style. Even though the frames still have nosepads, I don’t think they’ll be as painful due to the frame’s lightweight nature.

After choosing my frame, I walked up to the register where a store associate helped me with my lenses. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the high index lenses in my exact prescription so my glasses will actually take 2 weeks to be finished, but I think most people are able to get their glasses completely made in less than 1.5 hours (they do everything in house). My total cost was $70 for the frames and $30 for the lenses. However, because my eye insurance has out of network benefits, everything was covered! 🙂

All in all, I had a great experience at JINS. It was the first time purchasing glasses without my parents (yay adulthood) with my own insurance and the associates made the process extremely easy. Everyone at the store is super helpful and kind and I had a great time trying on all the different styles and just enjoying the overall atmosphere here.

If you’re ever in the market for stylish affordable glasses, I would definitely check out JINS!

(S/O to Eunice for accompanying me to JINS and taking my pictures hehe)




Review: Monster Boba

As a boba enthusiast, I make it my mission to find and try highly rated (thanks yelp!) boba places wherever I go. Since I’ve been spending a lot of time in the South bay recently, it’s only natural that I try some of the different boba places in the area.

Since leaving Berkeley and my beloved U-Cha, it’s been quite a struggle to find a boba place to fill the pearl sized hole in my heart. Boba Guys in SF is great and all, but, I’m still not sure if the long lines are really worth it for me in the end. I swear, unless I’m going at some obscure time on a weekday, the lines are freakin’ long. The variety of flavors is great and all, but sometimes a girl just wants to grab some delicious green milk tea and get on with her day.

Enter Monster Boba–not to be confused with the SoCal chain that has the cute mason jars.

(Cute colorful interior)

Located in a random af plaza in Cupertino, Monster Boba is an unassuming boba shop with delicious tea-heavy drinks, friendly workers, and cute decor.

My favorite drink from here is the rose milk tea (30% sugar, half ice, + honey boba). I’ve found that boba places usually have a very difficult time getting rose/lavender/flowery drinks in general right and they end up tasting quite powdery and artificial. I find that Monster Boba’s rose milk tea has a great light tasting rose flavor that makes the drink taste fragrant and natural. The honey boba here is consistently wonderful as well, with light sweetness and a chewy texture.

(So good it’s better than bae)

Numerically, this is how Monster Boba breaks down in my book:

Tea Quality: 4.5/5
Boba (Pearl) Quality: 5/5
Ambience/Decor: 4/5 – sometimes loud and crowded during holiday breaks/weekends
Wait time: 5/5 –
Service: 5/5
Price: 3/5 – expensive for size (~$5)
Consistency: 5/5
Snacks: N/A – haven’t tried enough, though their popcorn chicken was quite good the one time I had it

So, all in all, this is my new favorite boba place in the Bay Area. I would highly recommend checking it out if you’re ever in the area! 🙂


Musing: Fresh Start


I can’t believe it – my last post on this blog was in 2014! So much has changed since then, and I’ve really missed blogging about fashion and DIY projects. It feels like everything has just been such a whirlwind since we last left off, and so much has happened in my two last years at Berkeley and my first half year as an adult out in the “real world”.

I’ll admit it. I’ve been thinking about restarting my fashion/DIY hobby on and off these past few years but never really felt like I had the time or energy to dedicate to it. It may not look time consuming, but planning posts, taking pictures of outfits, putting together outfits, building projects…well, all of that actually takes quite a bit of time and effort. But hey, new year new me, right? It’s 2017 and I want to start this again. I’ve realized it’s so important to have something productive to do outside of work, something to get my mind off of the constant pings, emails, meetings, and slide decks.

I’m starting off slow-I really want to take this at a better pace this time. When I first started my instagram and blog, I was posting every day and was constantly on Instagram reacting to other people’s feeds to drive traffic towards my own. I wanted to have thousands of followers, I wanted to feel like my instagram efforts were “worth it”. But this time it’s different. I still want to create interesting content for my readers, but I also want to challenge myself to be creative and just have fun with it.

So this is it. Looking forward to a fulfilling 2017.



Fashion: Fevrie & Me

Long time no see, blogger friends! Sorry about the intense MIA, but I’m finally back, ready for action. Today, I’m bringing you a casual outfit, featuring my mixed media jacket from!



I love that the jacket is lightweight (perfect for Bay Area Fall/Winter) and has a cool mix of leather and lacy fabric, just my aesthetic.




My overall experience with has been immensely positive, from the clear and prompt communication to the speedy delivery of the product that I selected. Definitely an A+ in my book and I can’t wait for further collaborations!

What I’m Wearing:

Top: Forever21
Joggers: Forever21
Shoes: Forever21

Look out for a giveaway that I’ll be hosting in the near future! You can win this jacket or anything else of your choosing from the Fevrie website!


Fashion: Leather is a Girl’s Best Friend

IMG_1433 IMG_1497 IMG_1464 IMG_1496

Having one of those days where every photo just doesn’t look quite right. But, I just had to share these gorgeous new leggings that I got with all of you. It’s safe to say that I’m in love with them. After all, leather is my best friend when it comes to apparel :).

What I’m Wearing:
Top from Forever21
Leggings from H&M
Shoes from Forever21

Another huge thank you to the bf for being so patient with me. The struggs.

Fashion: QTee Feature – All Black Errthang

IMG_1118IMG_1119IMG_1298 IMG_1344 IMG_1357 IMG_1368 IMG_1382

Absolutely loving my new top from! I received the package one week after corresponding via email with Qtee’s marketing coordinator (who was super sweet and a pleasure to work with). The shirt was wrapped nicely in pink tissue paper inside of a plastic covering and I was impressed with the adorable tags that were on the top as well, what a cute little touch to their product!

The fun thing about this shirt is that I actually was able to customize the colors of the arrows that you see on the front. I naturally gravitated towards some pastels to contrast with the black base of the shirt.

The site has so many cute options for shirts and you are able to customize them all with your desired color palette and shirt type, ranging from tanks (like this one) to long-sleeves and sweaters.

Overall verdict: Impressed!

What I’m Wearing:

Top from
Shorts, Bralette, and Shoes from Forever21
Vespa: My housemate’s (hehe, thanks Carrie!)

Fashion: It’s what day? HUUUUMPPP DAAAAAAAY


Cheers to my favorite day of the week! (Not really)

The weather today was extremely bipolar, chilly in the morning and dreadfully warm in the afternoon (I guess I should be used to this super typical bay area weather). It is such a struggle to dress for these kinds of days so I like to put on layers to combat the evil weather gods. I wore this plaid shirt as an actual shirt in the morning and tied it around my waist for the afternoon, Ta-Da! weather dilemma solved.

Steps to overcoming Wednesdays:
1. Wear a hump day shirt
2. Repeat step 1

What I’m wearing:
Top from Wet Seal
Shorts from Forever21
Flannel from American Apparel

Shooting in front of a dumpster can be fun if you have the right photographer, luckily I do :).

Fashion: Burgundy Glow



Thanks for stopping by my fashion blog, it’s so exciting to be finally starting this project alongside my Instagram endeavors. I’m still new to this so I’m not sure what I’m doing, but hopefully I’ll get better as the days progress.

What I’m wearing:

Lace top from Wetseal
Burgundy skater skirt from Forever21
Heeled booties from Forever21

Thank you to my favorite photographer, my boyfriend, for taking these shots! We fell in love with the pretty lighting in this alleyway leading to my apartment. Honestly, we came upon it by coincidence as we were initially shooting the opposite way. Since we’re both amateur photographers we kind of just play around with what we have and sometimes it works! It is a little bright now that I see it on the screen but it loved the soft lighting when I saw it on the camera.